Procedure in the event of an accident

What should I do in the event of an Accident in Foreign Land?

1. Check for Injuries

The first thing to check is to make sure everyone including yourself is alright. If anyone is in Emergency Medical Condition- Call the Ambulance.

2. Exchange of Personal Information

Request from the other parties involved, it’s good to take a photo of their NRIC/ID Card, Driving License, Car Registration Number and their Roadtax Sticker for Foreign Vehicles.

3. Gather Evidences of the Accident Scene

Take clear photographs of the accident scene and surrounding areas. The photographs should be wide-angled to capture the entire scene.

Photographs should include ALL vehicle license plates, damage to own vehicle, other parties vehicles involved in the collision.

Save a copy of your in-car camera recording footage, if any.

4. Does your Vehicle need Tow Service?

In the event your vehicle is damaged and not in a drivable condition, do arrange a Tow Truck to tow your Vehicle to our “Authorised Workshops”, our Officers will contact you on the repair process

Do remember to keep all receipts for any Transportation Types that ferried you, your vehicle and your passengers safely back to home country.

5. Notify us via Causeway OD Shield App

Make a Claim Submission to us, our Assessors will look into your case.

There will be an option to submit your Claim Application if you have data coverage, otherwise if data network is limited, you can send a SMS to our Causeway OD Shield Emergency Hotline to notify us that you’ve met with an Accident during your trip.

You can proceed to submit the Claim Application whenever you have access to Data Network.

6. Claim Application Approval

After our Claim Department have assessed your Claim Application, upon approval of your case, we will contact and brief you on the Car Repair as well as the Claim Disbursement Procedures.