Getting involved in a car accident in Malaysia – something which we all fear! Even if you are a skilled and experienced driver, accidents still happens.

It is necessary to be aware of what needs to be done when involved in a car accident, such as getting medical attention, calling the insurance company or getting in touch with the reporting centers to submit an accident report. Do not panic in such a situation and consider the following steps.

Steps to Take When Involved in a Car Accident in Malaysia

Check for Injuries

First and foremost, you need to check for injuries – bleeding and wounds. Call the ambulance for medical assistance immediately. If you can give yourself First Aid (it is advised that you stock your car with First Aid Kit)

Check for Safety

You need to check your surroundings for safety. Check for incoming cars before you move out of your vehicle, be extra careful especially on an Express Way in Malaysia. In rare circumstances, if there’s a road rage and you feel threatened or at a risk, you should call the police immediately.

Take Photos of Accident and Injuries

Once you ensure that everyone is safe and depending on the circumstances, you should try and take pictures of the accident scene. This should be done before you move the vehicle to the side.

Move Vehicles to a Side

As you move the vehicle to the side, you should ensure that the hazard lights are on so that others are warned. Your vehicle will be on the left-most lane.

Exchanger Driver Details

If there are other drivers involved, you need to take note of a few details which includes :-

  1. Registration number of vehicles involved
  2. The model of the vehicle
  3. Colour of the vehicle
  4. Year of Make
  5. Name of the Third Party driver
  6. Address of the Third Party Driver
  7. Third Party Driver Contact Number

Note : GIA Reporting of Accident has to be made within 24hours from the time of the Accident.

Make a Police Report

It is essential to make a police report. Find out which Police Station is in the area of accident. Remember, the police report needs to be made if there’s any injury.

Get in Touch with the Insurance Provider – Make a Claim

Finally, the most important part is to get in touch with the insurance provider. Whenever you are traveling, you need to have the contact details of the insurance provider near hand, so that you do not have to search frantically when in need.

You can make Insurance Car claims which include Own Damage (OD) claim, third party damage claim and body Injury Claim.

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