Situated at the border of Singapore and Malaysia, The customs is a place very much prone to Accidents.

If you are a frequent traveller to Malaysia, you will be familiar with the situation there.

You will realise the cars are very near to each other, sandwiched – you somehow can’t stop worrying when someone will hit into you.

Cars might change lane abruptly, sometimes without signalling, it can be quite a tense driving experience.

With a mixture of Malaysian and Singapore Vehicles, when an accident does occur, the claim process can be very complex;

What if someone hit into your car, he might deny responsibility and refuse to make any compensation to you.

It will be very tough to claim against a Malaysian Car, you can be prepared to pay high premium if you are claiming against your own insurance company.

Vice versa, the same situation applies to Malaysian Cars; they end up paying for their own repair to save the trouble, as it is very difficult to claim against Singapore Cars.

This is due to Complexity of Cross-Border Insurance Claim.

Wouldn’t it be good if there is a protection plan that provides you with Assurance so that you don’t have to worry while driving and Out of Malaysia?

There wasn’t any in the Past, but now we have COD Shield

“Let COD Shield, be your Shield!”