Singapore – in spite of having a small population, ranks 4th amongst other Asian countries for cases of car accidents and fatal crashes.
Nowadays, especially young Singaporeans prefer to self-drive when visiting other countries for a business trip or for a family vacation.
If you are someone who love driving and prefer flexible arrangements, nothing can be better than driving yourself!
Driving in a foreign land is different with driving in your home country, there are a few things to keep in mind:-
First and foremost, you need to know about the documents you need, and MUST bring along while you are traveling overseas. Here is our brief list:

  • A valid international driving licence
  • A valid driving licence
  • Your International Travel passport
  • Car insurance documents
  • Vehicle registration documents

Importance of Having the Right Car Insurance Protection

Before your overseas driving trip, ensure you have proper insurance protection for your car.
If you choose to rent a car, You may need to pay additional premium for car insurance coverage from your car rental company.
If you are driving your own car, you need to ensure that you have proper insurance protection plans.
Car Policy Products like COD Shield offer the ideal protection when you choose to drive overseas. With their protection, you do not have to worry hefty repair fee resulting from crashes or untoward incidents with foreign vehicles.

What COD Shield can offer you:

Insurance claim against Foreign Vehicle is a long and frustrating process, which may take many years to conclude.
Even if you’re not at fault, you may end up paying for your vehicle repair instead, which is unfair?
That is why COD Shield is here for, to protect and Shield you from such situations.
COD Shield has 2 types of Coverage, Day-by-Day Package or 6-hours Package depending on your requirement.
Upon being protected under COD Shield you will be entitled to the following benefits:-

  • Vehicle Outer Body Repair based on 1st Degree of Damage
  • Towing and Transportation Fee Claimable
  • Daily Allowance During Vehicle Repair Process

Need for the Right Insurance Shield:

You might be a very experienced and cautious driver in Singapore and understand the importance of safe driving, but driving overseas is a totally different experience.
Traffic Rules and driving cultures are different – drivers need to be extra careful and attentive while on the road!

Understanding the Road Signs:

When you are driving overseas, you need to know the road signs thoroughly. Also, it is critical to know the traffic rules and speed limits besides the safety signs.
Road signs might be different from Singapore, therefore it’s good to start understanding these signs before your trip.

Weather Conditions:

Driving conditions in another country might be completely different, especially when you are used to the climate of Singapore.
Driving through the expressways can be quite challenging as the roads can be windy, there might be a few sharp corners and depending upon the location you might even come across wildlife.
You need to be aware constantly and drive cautiously.
As you plan your holidays do a brief research on the weather conditions especially for strong crosswinds and heavy rainfall. Heavy rainfall, landslides or crosswinds can be quite risky and you need to be extra attentive while driving in such terrains.

Driver’s Fatigue:

Long road trips are fun and thrilling but it can also cause driver’s fatigue. Such a fatigue can reduce the reaction time of the driver which can cause the driver to loss focus on the roads.
If you are not accommodated to overseas driving, take it slowly and do not exert yourself – stop for a coffee sip or ramp the music.
If you are feeling sleepy, find a stop point for a rest immediately.