Planning to drive overseas? Is it a long drive with your friends?

Are you aware of the traffic rules, regulations and conditions? If you are planning a vacation overseas, you need to be a bit cautious and plan carefully. No one likes legal hassles, fines and disruptions in fun and enjoyment.

Driving abroad can be fun and memorable, but only when you do it as per the law of the region. Driving comes with a number of responsibilities and fulfillment of a number of legal requirements. Here are some important facts which need to be considered as you choose to drive in a foreign land.

Know the Three-Quarter Tank Rule:

As per the Customs Act, all vehicles registered in Singapore need to have a specific quantity of motor fuel (i.e. three quarters of tank) when leaving Singapore through checkpoints. This is known as ‘three-quarter tank rule’. This three-quarter tank rule is applicable for all vehicles which run on CNG or petrol. In case of the hybrid vehicles which run on CNG and petrol, drivers need to ensure that the tank is three quarters filled at least.
In case drivers are not able to meet this criterion, they might be fine a composite sum of $500. They might also be prosecuted at court. In case the fuel gauge is tempered, the driver can be charged in the court for altering the fuel measurements and for illegal alteration as well. To avoid all such inconveniences and to ensure you do not face any problem when driving in Singapore or overseas, get in touch with us.

Staying Safe in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia:

If you choose to drive in any of these locations, you need to ensure that you are driving safe.

Know the Routes – When you choose to drive abroad, you need to know the route well. If you are not well versed with the routes or navigation, GPS can be of great help! With GPS you can drive in any location, without any fear of taking the wrong route or driving in the wrong direction.

Driving Side – You also need to know the side of the road you will be driving on. Find out if you need any essential documents or equipment in your car. You need to know about the child seat regulations. Get accustomed to the driving laws of some of the most popular destinations.

Do Not Drive When Tired – If it has been a hectic day and you are finding it difficult to stay awake when driving, you need to stop driving immediately. Take rest and drive when you have a free mind and you feel fresh.

In spite of all precautions and no matter how cautious you are, accidents might happen. It might not be your fault or it might be due to a mechanical failure of the car. In an unknown location, this can be a nightmarish situation. You definitely need help and you need it quick!

How COD Shield Can Help

COD Shield offers extensive and comprehensive coverage for your car, when you are driving in foreign locations. So, now no more worries about accidents and damages in unknown territories, as COD shield assures protection.

COD shield offers regional protection when you are driving in foreign countries which include Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

The COD Shield Advantage:

If you are wondering how you can benefit from COD shield -here are some ways which you are going to benefits:

  • Instant and Quick Approval – Users who apply through the app can benefit from instant approval. Yes, you read it right! No more waiting for days or weeks for approval, because approval is just in a few minutes. The entire process is convenient, it is fast and simple.
  • Claim Disbursement is Easy – People often complain about a long process of claim disbursement or fulfilment of a number of terms and conditions. If you are a member of COD Shield, you do not have to worry about a long claim disbursement process. In case of an unfortunate accident, you need to file claim application through the COD shield app. You can get a notification of the approval of the claim in just 24 hours. Thus, you can move forward with the next step of claim disbursement.
  • Be a Member in Easy Steps – In order to order or know more about the policy, all you need to do is download the app. The process to get started with COD shield is quite simple and involves just a few steps. It will not take a lot of time, you do not have to submit a lot of documents nor is the process complicated.

How to Get Started with COD Shield?

If you are interested in being a member, remember the process is quite easy and involves just a few steps.

Select the Policy:

You can apply for the policy by simply selecting the type of policy and country of the country of the coverage. You can select the vehicle which needs to be covered and also the policy days which are needed.

Upload Photos:

The next step involved is about uploading the photos. You can upload photographs from different angles of the vehicle which includes the front right, left and back images. The images should be clear.


Once you have made the payment, you are covered under the COD Shield Policy coverage.

View your Policy

So, how do you understand you are covered under the policy? Your app can help you view the policy which is active. Once the policy is no longer active, you will receive a message related to its renewal and you can renew it.

How to Order?

It is quite simple – you can order using the iOS and the Android App. Download the App from APP store or Google Play. You will get all the necessary details.

If you have planned an overseas holiday and you are worried about insurance, we can be of help! We will definitely shield you and be your shield.