If you are travelling to Malaysia, you need a comprehensive coverage for your car. Driving in a foreign land is often risky – having a comprehensive coverage brings in peace of mind and allows you to enjoy your travel without additional worries about unfortunate situations like accidents.

It is essential to choose the right insurance when traveling abroad. With comprehensive coverage, one gets covered against damage to own vehicle. This might be due to theft of the car or damage due to fire or other reasons.

How does a comprehensive coverage work?

If you have a comprehensive coverage, you can claim for all accidents which might have occurred due to your fault. In fact, a claim can be made, even when the fault is not proven. For instance, when you return from a long shopping spree, only to find that someone has hit your vehicle and quickly driven off. If you do not have a comprehensive policy, you will have to pay for all damages yourself. With a comprehensive policy, you get an added shield or protection. This provides total peace of mind as you do not have to worry for having to pay for expensive repairs.

Why You Need Comprehensive Car Coverage

What will happen if your car gets stolen in Malaysia and it is not recovered? Will you be able to buy a new one?
If you have NO for an answer, you will need comprehensive coverage. If your car is financed, your lender will want you to have the policy.

Get Paid for Damages from Animal Collisions

With a comprehensive coverage, if your car gets damaged due to collision with an animal, you will get covered for the damages. If your car is damaged because of an animal – even due to a dog also, you will be paid for all repairs and damages.

Weather Damage

You might not be aware of the changing weather conditions in Malaysia. A hail can actually leave behind a big dent on your car. If you are stuck in a weather-related event and you find your car immensely damaged, your comprehensive coverage will help you get paid for the repairs.

Many people believe that a comprehensive policy is a lot expensive, but it is not always the scenario. If you compare the difference in the price between third-party policy and comprehensive one, you are required to pay a little extra. The benefits are much more – would you like to compromise the cover just to save a little money.

How COD Makes a Difference

COD Shield members will not be required to pay for any kind of damage caused to their car, without any fault of theirs. If it is COD Shield, you do not have to worry, if your insurance coverage is as comprehensive as needed when travelling internationally. There is often a lot of complexity involved due to Cross Border Insurance claim. The claim process gets long and often takes years to end. If you are looking for comprehensive coverage but need a quick approval one (in times of need), get in touch with COD Shield.

For complete peace of mind during your Malaysia travel, get COD Shield now: