A road to drive out of Singapore to a new destination is always fun and adventurous. It’s a freedom of driving through an open road, through the countryside roads while enjoying songs blasting through your car. Taking photographs, admiring the views and also stumbling places is fun when you have peace of mind and you can be assured that in spite of the risks involved, you are insured.

If you are traveling abroad, you need to ensure that you are driving safe. You definitely need to enjoy your trip but be safe at the same time.

Risks of Accidents When Driving Abroad

It is often quite risky while driving abroad and especially when you are traveling for the first time. Many travelers avoid driving in a foreign land in fear of traffic accidents, collisions and does not have a good understanding of the local traffic rules. Also, it has been found that drivers are using their mobile phones while driving, which is one of the main factor that cause accidents.

Accidents while traveling abroad can cause immense inconvenience. It is not just the damages to the car but also involve life risk. If the car is damaged, you need to submit an insurance claim. The insurance claim process can be quite hectic and challenging.

To reduce risks of accidents when traveling abroad drivers can:

  • Familiarize themselves with the traffic or driving laws
  • You can spend some time understanding the traffic rules and the tendency of traffic
  • Look before crossing roads – the traffic might be coming from the other side.
  • If you are travelling in an unknown country or a place which you are visiting the first time, try to restrict yourself from driving when it’s too dark.
  • Use a GPS navigation system so that you do not take the wrong routes
  • Keep your speed within limits and consider the traffic movement while driving.

Though many accidents can be avoided, there are situations when it is almost impossible to avoid such an accident. If you are stuck in such an unfortunate situation and in an unknown place how do you tackle the situation?

Steps Which Need to Be Taken

Whenever we are in a crisis situation, we tend to get nervous and panic. If you are traveling abroad and involved in an unfortunate situation, here are some things you should do:

  • First and foremost, you should try to calm yourself and stop panic.
  • In case someone is injured and needs medical attention, you should ensure that medical aid is received as soon as possible.
  • You need to ensure that all your documents related to car, license, insurance and other essential documents are safe and within reach.
  • Get in touch with your insurance company or agent and find out the way to file a claim.

How to File your Car Insurance Claim

In case of an unfortunate car accident, all you need is an instant claim approval. Though many companies offer car insurance, many of them will not provide you instant claim disbursal. This is one of the main reasons why people are a little skeptical about car insurance. Thus, when you are selecting a car insurance, you need to first check if the company offers instant claim disbursal.

COD Shield Claim Disbursement

If you do not want any kind of hassle in your claim disbursement, then COD Shield can be the right option. In case there is an accident, you need to file your claim application through the COD App. The user gets notified in just 24 hours about the approval of the claim. The customer is also notified about the next course of action for the claim disbursement.

Whenever you choose to travel abroad you need to ensure that you have the right insurance coverage. With the right insurance, you are assured that you are not just safe but you are covered as well. If you are staying in Singapore and looking for the right coverage, products like COD Shield can be of great help.

COD Shield offers the protection you need for your car when you are travelling abroad.

  • You need to download the App as you get started.
  • Once you have the App downloaded, you can select a specific policy by making a selection of the type of policy and the country of coverage. You need to also make a selection of the vehicle which should be covered and the days of policy which are required.
  • Once the above step is complete, you will be asked to upload photographs of your vehicles. The photographs should be clear.
  • Once the upload procedure is done, you may proceed to make payment. Once you make the payment, you are covered by the COD Shield policy coverage.
  • You can be assured that your vehicle is now covered under COD Shield

Need for The Right Insurance

You must have heard about real life experiences of people who had trouble claiming their money from the insurance company. Nothing can be as frustrating as not receiving the insurance amount claimed on time. The worst situation is when you are required to pay for all damages of your car even when you are not at fault.

If you choose the wrong insurance policy, it might not provide you with a comprehensive overseas insurance when compared to the home country. Also, there is often a complexity related to cross border insurance claim and the claim process might be quite frustrating and long.

In the end, you might be paying for your car damage – you might be paying from your own pocket or using Insurance OD Claim. This also means that you will be losing the No claim discount, which will increase the insurance premium. You might also have to pay for the additional excess amount which is mentioned in the insurance policy.