In Malaysia, no matter how careful and law-abiding we are on the road, there’s always someone else who will be driving recklessly and speeding past us like no tomorrow.

First of all – Stay Clam

Look around, assess the situation and ensure you are your passengers is not hurt, and when possible move your car to the side of the road so it won’t be blocking the traffic. It is much safer this way.

Take photographs of Accident Scene

Photographs / Videos are important piece of Evidences, please take clear view of the following:-

  • **Other Party Carplate Number
  • **Accident Scene and how the Vehicles impacted onto each other
  • **Damages on Other Party and your own Vehicle
  • Other Party Driver’s ID and Driving License
  • Other Party Vehicle Roadtax (For Malaysian Vehicles)

Remark : Marked with * are very important points and is a MUST to have, as other party involved might try to blame you for your fault of the accident, this will assist you greatly in your claim process.

Make a police report at the nearest police station (COD Shield users may skip this step)

You will need to pay an administration fee for the Police Report at the Police Station,

After the report is made, an investigation will be carried out to determine who was at fault and the driver responsible would have to pay an additional fine to the police.

Remark : If you are under COD Shield Coverage during the accident, just proceed online to file a Claim Submission, upon approval of claim, you may proceed to any of the authorised workshops for repair.

Decide to claim OD Insurance or pay for for own repair

Usually when costs of repairs are not too high, most will rather bear than to claim insurance.

This may sound unfair especially when you are not at fault, but it’s the cheaper alternative.

The very moment you claim insurance you will instantly lose your No-Claim Discount (NCD). 

Not to forget the Excess Payable when you activate OD (Own Damage) Claim.

Would you like to have a 3rd Choice?

The Good News is – If you are under COD Shield Coverage, repair cost for your vehicle will be reimbursed to you – Without affecting your NCD and NO Excess Payable.

That’s why we are here for; we shield you from all unnecessary accident hassle

“Let COD Shield, be your Shield!”