About Us

Causeway OD Shield stands for "Causeway Own Damage" Shield;

"Own Damage" aka "OD" in Insurance terms means to claim your own Car Insurance for the repair and damages of your vehicle.

Unlike Third Party Claim, OD Claim will require you to pay a certain amount of Excess based on your Insurance Policy, and a deduction of NCD (No Claim Discount) resulting in an Increased Car Insurance Premiums for the consecutive years.

Founded in 2019 with a Firm resolution in mind;

- To solve the Complexity of Cross-Border Car Insurance Claim.

Situated at the border of Singapore and Malaysia, The Causeway is a place very much prone to Accidents.

If you ever drive across the Causeway, you will realise the cars are very near to each other, sandwiched – you somehow can’t stop worrying when someone will hit into you, it can be quite a tense driving experience.

With a mixture of Malaysian and Singapore Vehicles, when an accident does occur, the claim process can be very complex;

What if someone hit into your car, he might deny responsibility and refuse to make any compensation to you, not mentioning the possibility of a "Hit-And-Run" Situation.

Causeway OD Shield not only provide you with a Shield, the Frustrating Process of going through the procedure of an Accident with Foreign Vehicles is also eliminated

Stay protected with Causeway OD Shield, Our Assurance ensures you a Worry-Less Experience while driving overseas.

We will continue to strive to create more values to our Service to safeguard the interest of all drivers.

First Of It's Kind

Causeway OD Shield is a First of its kind, Cross-Border Car Protection, providing you coverage against the Complexity of Cross-Border Car Insurance Claim.

Regional Protection

In additional, to cater for Road Trip Lovers, we extended the Geographical Area of Coverage to East Malaysia and all the way into the Kingdom of Thailand.

Our Mission

Causeway OD Shield is dedicated in ensuring the best solution for current needs and future plans.

"Let Causeway OD Shield, be your Shield!"