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Choose your Policy

Apply the policy by choosing the Type of Policy, Country of coverage, Vehicle to be covered and policy days you required.

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Upload photos of your vehicle

Upload the photographs of your vehicle to be covered for the policy.

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Easy Payment

After making payment, you are now successfully covered under COD Shield Policy Coverage.

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Your vehicle coverage is active

You can view your policy that is currently active.

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Introduction to COD Shield

COD Shields offer you protection for your car when you’re driving in Foreign Countries, with Comprehensive and Extensive Coverage.

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Regional Protection

COD Shield offers you regional protection for your car while driving in foreign countries.

Current Geographical Coverage includes:-

  • Singapore

  • Malaysia

  • Thailand

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Instant Approval

Application through our App only takes a couple of minutes with instant approval. It’s Easy, Convenient and Fast.

Easy Claim Disbursement

In the event of any accident, as soon as you filed your Claim Application via our COD Shield App, we will notify you within 24-hours on the approval of your claim follow by the next course of action for Claim Disbursement.


Coming Soon.

About COD Shield

Have you ever thought of if you’re hit by a Third Party Foreign Vehicle while driving in Foreign Countries?

What will you do?

Are you able to claim from your insurance company?

Or are you required to pay for the damages of your own car even if you’re not at fault.

You may soon come to realise your car insurance coverage is not as comprehensive overseas as compared to at home country.

Due to the complexity of Cross Border Insurance Claim, the Insurance Claim becomes a long and frustrating process which may take YEARS to conclude, and chances are slim.

Conclusion is you will end up paying for your own car damage, either from your own pocket or utilising your Insurance OD (Own Damage) Claim.

This will cause you to lose your NCD (No Claim Discount), there will be a significant increase in your Insurance Premium.

Additional you will also have to fork out the Excess Amount stated in your Insurance Policy Agreement.

Any Solution?

That’s why we are here for, we shield you from all of the above:-
“Let COD Shield, be your Shield!”

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